Quality Assurance / Quality Control

UST has developed a quality assurance program (QA/QC) that meets or exceeds our client’s requirements. QA is the process or the plan that employees follow to insure safe operations and high quality work. Each employee knows the QA process and understands its importance. Quality control ensures that the defined standards are followed and expected results are achieved. Our QA/QC Manager oversees the QA program and collects the inspection records and other documented reports. The following are some of the responsibilities of the QA/QC manager:

  • Confirms approved work plans are on site when work is performed
  • Confirms approved site-specific safety plans are on-site when work is performed.
  • Understands what and when third-party inspections are needed on each project
  • Schedules all third-party inspections and has the inspection record documents onsite for signoffs.
  • Maintains the inspection record documents and resolves any inspection issues
  • Assures instrument and tool calibrations are performed as required and properly recorded
  • Prepares weld maps and weld logs
  • Ensures the materials ordered and received are correct per the work plan
  • Manages the flange tag program that records the torque values of each flange bolt and the sequence and procedure for securing flanges
  • Verifies the Lock Out/Tag Out procedure is followed insuring there is no release of energy that could be harmful to personnel or the environment
  • Confirms the placement and removal of blinds installed between flanges
  • Participates in the commissioning process and turns over all inspection records at project close-out. UST believes that the turn over plan starts on day 1 of the project.
  • Participates in project review sessions with lessons learned discussions

Each employee understands each task shall be done the right way every time. We understand the right way is the safe way. They are empowered to consistently use LPSA, loss prevention, self-assessment not only for safe operations but for quality of work.

UST is committed to creating a workplace that is safe, healthy and injury-free. We provide the necessary support to our entire organization to reach this common goal. UST is Upfront, Safety-minded, and Trustworthy. It’s who we are…It’s how we work.