Team Experience


UST personnel have a wide variety of work experiences that benefit our clients. UST is successful because we do not attempt to “reinvent the wheel”. Whenever possible, we tap into our in-house knowledge and experience to best serve our clients in a safe, productive and cost-effective manner. Here are some of the experiences the UST staff has to offer:

Civil Related

Concrete foundations

Driving piles and shoring

Foundation construction for bridges and light rail

Construction of roads including retaining and containment walls

Excavation for water services, ponds, containments and water treatment systems

V ditches and drainage systems

Erosion control- hillside and foundation support

Sanitary system and process piping upgrades

Seismic upgrades of support systems for piping, tanks and structures

Mechanical Related

Shop fabrication for structural systems and custom components

Installations and maintenance of winery and food-grade piping systems

Heat exchanger system installation and maintenance

Radiant heating system installation and maintenance

Pipe fabrication and fitting various piping materials HDPE, CPVC, PVC, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, hastelloy, chrome and nickel

Pipeline isolation services and system pressure tests

Residential, commercial and industrial plumbing systems

Construction on ammonia lines and other chemical service systems

Pump design/repair

Rigging utilizing large cranes


High purity process piping

Pharmaceutical facility construction

Power substation construction

Environmental investigations including groundwater and soil sample collection and analysis

Construction of central utility plants for hospitals and schools

Construction of parks

Geophysical studies including sonar, ground-penetrating radar, side scan and magnetometer

Demolition and/or restoration of facilities

Well drilling for supply, disposal injection and dewatering including horizontal directional drilling